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Do you want to know more about compression clothing?

Compression clothing is mainly used to improve blood circulation. The compression garments act on the area by pressing it, and it is this pressure that causes the blood supply to increase and the muscles to stabilize. By increasing the blood supply, muscle oxygenation also increases and, with it, performance. In addition to this, compression garments help eliminate waste products from the blood after physical activity, more quickly and efficiently, providing better recovery.

Compression clothing in the practice of running can act both in the lower body and upper. For the lower part there are several types of compression garments:

- Compression mesh They have a compression adjustment that allows to improve blood circulation and provides an aerodynamic sensation. There are also compression meshes designed specifically to improve recovery. - Compressor stockings . The specific design of compression stockings facilitates venous return and blood circulation, which causes the prevention of injuries and improves both muscle performance and recovery after physical activity. - Compressor socks . Thanks to their compression technology, they provide additional reinforcement and greater protection in the areas that receive a greater impact and more wear out.

For the upper part of the body there are compression shirts and compression sleeves. Compression t-shirts favor muscle performance by providing improved blood flow. Its tight design also allows greater support and its thermal fabrics help maintain the body at an optimum temperature and increase the breathability of the skin. The compressive sleeves, like the stockings, benefit muscle performance and help prevent possible injuries, thanks to improved venous return and increased blood circulation.

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