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Do you want to know more about the cycling computers?

Cycle computers are essential devices which let you know distances, speeds, slopes, heart rate, etc. They are very simple to use devices that you can carry on your wrist or fix to the handlebars of your bike. With these electronic devices you can greatly improve the performance on the bike and improve day by day.

On the market you can find simple and inexpensive bike computers that attach to the handlebars of your bicycle or can be worn on your wrist. In general, these simple devices indicate speed, distance, time, height, speed, maximum speed and average speed. They are very simple to install thanks to the explanation provided in the instructions of each device.

If you cycle regularly and want to control your performance on each route, you can get more professional bike computers which are obviously more expensive. With these devices you can do everything from controlling the speed, to seeing the route you have completed and measuring your heart rate, among many other functions. These devices are recommended for people who go out regularly to practice this magnificent sport.

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