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Do you want to know more about resistance bands and tubes and chest expanders?

Resistance bands and tubes and chest expanders are a good way to work on resistance, strength or even the power of any muscle of the body in a nontraumatic, simple and convenient way. As they do not occupy any space and you can carry them in your bag or backpack, you can do several exercises in a simple way and in any place.

They are identified with different colours depending on their resistance, so it is easy to choose the most appropriate for the exercises you want to do as well as your level and experience. As your physical condition improves, you will have to use stronger bands in order to continue improving.

Both resistance bands and tubes and chest expanders require minimal maintenance to increase their durability. After use, it is advisable to clean them to remove dirt and sweat. Applying talcum powder periodically to prevent deterioration is also recommended.

You must ensure that the elastic material of the equipment is not cracked, dry or split before you use it, since if the bands, tubes or chest expander breaks while you are working out, it can cause injuries.

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