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The crampons are complements that are placed in the sole to facilitate adherence in snow or ice.

The crampons are formed by a structure that adapts to the sole of the boot or shoe that we wear. The tips protruding from the outsole are made of the same metal material as the sole of the outsole and help to obtain a greater grip on snow or ice. The material requires care of both the sole, the tips and the grip straps.

The crampons , in its lower part, contain rubber sheets that prevent the snow from adhering and thus prevent the formation of snow depths in the soles that would avoid having an adequate contact between the crampon and the ground.

There are two different types of crampons, which are distinguished according to the tips in the soles. Normally, they are between 10 and 12 points, depending also for what we are going to use them: mountain skiing , mountaineering , climbing and high mountain climbs .

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