Crankbrothers is a company based in Laguna Beach where passionate people make every idea and every product a reality. Crankbrothers manufacture innovative cycling components, from pedals and wheels to pumps and tools. For the Crankbrothers team, work is their life and the products they make are a reflection of how they work.

Opinions featured in Crankbrothers

Crankbrothers MultiTool 19 Black Red
Very good multi-tool. Meets my needs perfectly.
I would recommend this multi-tool to anyone. I have not used the chain tool so not sure of its ability to work well but the construction of the tool seems very robust.
Crankbrothers Egg Beater 1 Pedals Silver Red
Great product but takes time to get used to after Shimano SPDs
Recommended for gravel / mtb bikes
Crankbrothers Shoe Shields (PAIR)
Protects your shoe soles
Good quality item
Crankbrothers MultiTool 19 Black Red
Waht a tool
Good value
Crankbrothers Stamp 1 Large Platform Pedals Red
Really good service and the product is a good quality turned up three days earlier than it should of
Crankbrothers Premium MTB Cleats (Pair)
Great quality
Excellent quality product with durability

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