When Günter Krauter founded the Cratoni brand in Württemberg (Germany), in 1985, helmet use was not widespread. However, the visionary businessman already knew that the protection of the head would be increasingly important and through innovative products and attractive design, 30 years later, 80% of all skiers used a helmet.

Later Cratoni began to design and create sports glasses and also helmets for cycling . In terms of safety, Cratoni helmets provide the optimum fit, aeration and design necessary to satisfy all its users. The capacity for innovation of this medium-sized family business is clearly reflected in its 6,000 m2 headquarters opened in Rudersberg in 2010.

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Cratoni Cratoni C-Maniac Helmet Matt Black
Super light..
It seems to be decent quality.. it’s very light, so maybe that makes it appear a lesser quality ..I guess when I crach I can truly make an informed decision . The chin guard was a bit of a struggle to remove on one side.. I’m hoping it will get easier as it’s used..

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