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Do you want to know more about ellipticals ?

Elliptical bikes are fitness machines that mimic the normal movement of the foot, the extension of the leg, and the rotation of the hip that is performed while walking or running. This movement uses all the muscles of the legs, but also, in the elliptical bicycles, the upper part of the body is also worked. While the feet describe the elliptical movement, the hands grip the handlebars, exercising the arms and achieving more efficient results. Another difference between static bicycles and elliptical bicycles is that in static bicycles the user exercises while seated, while in ellipticals the user exercises in an upright position.

The ellipticals offer some advantages such as:

- Lose weight and burn fat efficiently and safely.

- Improve the cardiovascular and pulmonary system, and achieve optimum physical shape.

- Toning and shaping the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

Buying an elliptical bike is not as simple as buying a stationary bike or a spinning bike since the ellipticals have, in addition, the variable of the length of the stride and to be able to have the inertial disc in the front or in the part back

The main variables that make up the different elliptical models are the following:

- Elliptical bicycles must have a sturdy and stable structure as it must support the weight of the user moving over it without a fixed point of support.

- The ellipticals have electromagnetic resistance, which makes them quieter and more durable. The ergonometric elliptical bicycles calculate the energy consumption in Kcal and the energy in watts, very accurately, while others only give an orientation. These functions are important and essential if the objective of training is to lose weight and / or improve your physical condition.

- It must be ergonomically developed for frequent and intensive use for years, avoiding back, neck and hip pain.

- In the market there are many models of ellipticals with different stride lengths ranging from 30 to 50cm. In some ellipticals, the stride is adjustable for maximum comfort. It is important to choose the right length of stride to increase the effectiveness of training and drastically reduce the risks of injury.

- The bicycle has to have many options to adjust to the user, the more adjustment methods better. The better it is adjusted to the height, weight and volume of the user, the more efficient each training will be and the risk of injury will be drastically reduced.

- The flywheel must be more than 12kg in weight to have a good feeling and perform a smoother, safer and more efficient pedaling. The more weight the inertial flywheel has, the more efficient, dynamic and natural the exercise is. It must be taken into account that some marks indicate the weight of the flywheel and others indicate the weight of the inertial assembly, adding the weight of the flywheel and that of other elements.

- The majority of ellipticals incorporate a computer in which the parameters of the exercise can be visualized, increasing the motivation and the ambition to overcome. And still it will be more if the computer incorporates varied training programs with clear objectives to improve physical condition. In some programs the heart rate is used to increase or decrease the level of the exercise. Many elliptical bikes are compatible with heart rate monitors such as Polar.

The DKN ellipticals are equipped with multicolored consoles, easy to use and include exercise programs that will help you achieve your goals.

In terms of ellipticals, the versatility offered by the Keizer m5 elliptical is one of its main advantages, since Keizer has been successful in its design and manufacture, also incorporating all the technological advances characteristic of the machines that make cardio mers. It has also taken into account the muscle and joint protection, together with the possibility of training both the upper and lower train without impact and with a movement that facilitates the intervention of large muscle groups.

The Tunturi elliptical bicycles incorporate unique innovations in safety, comfort, motivation and training effectiveness, such as the T-Ride that is based on the simulation of an outdoor training, facing the challenge of climbing to a peak and then descending at full speed . Choosing Tunturi makes a conscious choice of quality, Scandinavian design and reliability. Tunturi is synonymous with comfort, proper training, safety and continuous motivation.

The Kettler ellipticals have a high prestige in the world market for their design, innovation and quality Made in Germany. Kettler has a wide range of elliptical bicycles , which are subjected to an intense control of materials before making them available to customers.

Ellipticals Horizon , brand of the Johnson Health group, have an excellent quality-price ratio and are manufactured under the strictest standards and quality controls, which guarantees that they are extremely durable and effective machines.

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