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Cycling is a form of exercise that involves the whole body and is practiced on a bicycle on the road or in the mountains.

Cycling shoes and cycling helmets are the essential equipment for cycling, the former for better power transmission when pedalling and the latter to ensure the cyclist's safety. But it is also advisable to use a jersey, shorts and specific socks for this sport, as well as lightweight cycling goggles.

Cycling jerseys must offer excellent breathability and have a perfect fit for the practice of cycling. Cycling jerseys are usually made of polyester with flatlock seams and can have mesh or mesh inserts in the armpits.

Cycling jerseys usually have 3 back pockets, an elastic silicone band at the bottom hem and a zip to close. Some cycling jerseys incorporate a water-resistant treatment in the lower part that wicks moisture from perspiration away, allowing it to dry and prevent the cyclist from getting cold.

Cycling shorts must offer excellent breathability and fit to avoid muscle vibration and thus delay the onset of fatigue.

Cycling shorts are usually made of very elastic fabrics with flatlock seams. These fabrics are made specially for heavy use and offer a great durability.

Cycling shorts should be built with an incorporated seamless seat-pad with great shock absorption and comfort to reduce fatigue in cyclists and make the garment more comfortable to wear. The seat-pad of the cycling shorts can also be made using a water-resistant treatment to allow moisture and sweat to be wicked away, thus accelerating the drying process.

Cycling socks are also made using breathable fabrics which tend to have different densities in order to drain moisture outwards. They are specifically designed for the right foot and left foot, with reinforced and protected areas.

Cycling helmets are an essential element for cyclists and must be lightweight and provide maximum ventilation and safety, as well as being aerodynamic in shape.

Our high-end cycling helmets are manufactured using an In-mould process in which the outer part and the polystyrene of the inner part are joined together in a single piece, increasing the resistance against impacts and improving the the transfer of impact energy.

Most cycling helmets have dial adjustment systems at the back to offer a perfect fit, which increases the comfort and safety of the cyclist. They can also have washable and comfortable padding, an anti-insect net and a removable visor.

Cycling glasses and goggles offer a distortion-free vision, allowing the objective to be seen with greater clarity as well as guaranteeing complete protection against UV rays. One of the most important factors in cycling glasses is that they are lightweight, to provide great comfort to the cyclist.

Opinions featured in Cycle

Shimano Altus 8-Speed 42/32/22 175mm Square Chainset Black
Very good price and excellent costumer services
Fantastic service Deporvillag is my first choice now after a great experience
Mohammed, the 13 December 2018
Scooter Micro Mini Deluxe red white
good quality
This is gift for a grandson, and will suit his needs well
Anonomous user, the 13 December 2018
FSA MEGA-EXO BB-8681 Di2 Bottom Bracket Cups
What I needed
Perfect replacement
Anonomous user, the 12 December 2018
Shimano SLX M7000 Single 11-Speed 175 mm BOOST Crankset
Good quality
It has meet my quality
Anonomous user, the 11 December 2018
Lilac Micro Mini LED Micro scooter
Perfect quality item
Exactly what I wanted, very happy
Anonomous user, the 11 December 2018
Micro Mini-Micro LED red scooter
Perfect item
Exactly what I wanted, very happy
Anonomous user, the 11 December 2018
Brooks England Slender leather cuffs 100-130 mm dark brown
can't re-wrap the leather strip
The leather wrap came undone after 2 years of heavy use, and I was not able to wrap it back on. My bike mechanic wasn't able either. Other than that, they look and feel great. I bought them again, after all.
Anonomous user, the 10 December 2018
Sidi Vent Air Intake for Sidi Sole
OEM Product
Fits like it should
Anonomous user, the 10 December 2018
Sidi Composite Millenium 3 Replacement Heel
OEM product, fits perfectly
Fits like it should
Anonomous user, the 10 December 2018
Sportful R & D Light jacket black
Very good quality
Yes I would
Anonomous user, the 10 December 2018
Rudy Project Boost 01 Shield Helmet Black Matte White (Removable Shield)
Unbelievable quality
Awesome product
Anonomous user, the 7 December 2018
Lilac Micro Mini LED Micro scooter
excellent product
Absolutely perfect
Anonomous user, the 7 December 2018
Shimano XT M780 / 770/42/32/24 42T 10-Speed Triple Chainring
Ideal just what was needed
Running a 3 ring set up, it was great to get all three from the same supplier at a good price replacing the original shimano kit means clean shifting all day long
Anonomous user, the 6 December 2018
Speedplay Zero CroMoly Road Pedals with Walkable Cleats White
Great system. Using it on all my bikes.
See above comment
Anonomous user, the 6 December 2018
Castelli Flanders interior t-shirt Warm high collar gray long sleeve
Excellent for the colder weather
Warm where it needs to be, lovely soft long neck.
Anonomous user, the 6 December 2018

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