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CycleOps is a manufacturer of roller training indoor and bicycles indoor leader in the United States. Cyclists from all over the country have rewarded them with their loyalty. In CycleOps they say they are old and for them it is a compliment, because they have been making training rollers for more than fifteen years. Their products have gone through many evolutions, but their intentions remain the same: to help the cyclist to become the best and the happiest.

In CycleOps you know that within each cyclist there is a better cyclist. And not only taking into account speed necessarily, but also by progress, improvement, setting goals and how to get there, and having fun along the way. Indoor training rollers are an integral part of this self-improvement process, as they are extremely efficient and effective and can be used throughout the year to help you achieve your goals. CycleOps is behind every training roller and indoor bike that manufactures with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. In CycleOps they believe that cycling is a sport for life and they think that their products should last at the same time.

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