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Do you want to know more about cycling shoes?

Cycling shoes have a microfibre or leather upper with a sturdy and rigid outsole that, in the case of MTB cycling shoes (or MTB shoes), are designed to provide maximum traction on all types of terrain. They can be secured using velcro straps or a closing system which combines this with a micro adjustable ratchet. In both cases, a secure fit must be ensured at all times.

Both the upper part and the tongue can be perforated or have microfibre inserts for better air flow. The inner sole, in addition to having an anatomical design to adapt to the feet, should facilitate ventilation.

Bicycle shoes should also contain heel pads that do not mishapen, providing better foot stability and greater control. The reflective inserts on the back of the cycling shoes can provide greater visibility in low light conditions.

Cycling shoes are designed to optimise pedalling performance, ensuring comfort and perfect fit at all times. They are lightweight, with excellent ventilation and shape, making them the perfect tool for champions.

One of the main brands of cycling shoes is Sidi, the brand that equips the best cyclists on the scene. Figures like Ivan Basso, Joaquín Rodríguez, Alberto Contador, Vincenzo Nibali or Samuel Sánchez wear Sidi shoes.

Another leading brand in the design and manufacture of cycling shoes is Gaerne. In addition to their use of the most advanced technologies, a rigorous selection of materials and futuristic design, Gaerne brings the professionalism and experience of its master shoemakers, who infuse a handmade touch throughout the production process. A firm hand and the cleverness of someone who knows the secrets of the artisan manufacture of shoes join with the precision and ingenuity to create Gaerne shoes. All Gaerne shoes are made in the Veneto region of Italy.

Shimano also has a wide range of cycling shoes. Shimano cycling shoes are made of flexible, lightweight and comfortable synthetic leather. They combine excellent elasticity with a high restoring force, guaranteeing great durability and high resistance to abrasion. The non-slip toe lining is combined with the shoes' curved, anatomical shape which is created using their Custom-Fit technology

Opinions featured in Cycling Shoes

Sidi Ergo 5 Mega Wide Fit Shoes Matt Black
quality shoes
great cycling shoes
Sidi Alba 2 Mega Wide Fit Shoes Black
Fitts my wide feet perfectly.
Working on my 5th pair of Sidi road shoes. First pair bought in 1980. Have tried several other brands but always migrate back to my feet’s gold standard Sidi Megas! Thanks for making a great quality cycling shoe.
Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Air Shoes White Black
Perfect delivery
Exactly what I ordered - very pleased
Sidi Trace MTB Shoes White Women
Great shoes
High quality
Suplest Edge+ Road Pro Cycling Shoes White Black
Great quality at low prices
Switched from Sidi’s to Suplest. Couldn’t be happier!!
Sidi Zero 2 GORE-TEX Shoes Black
Nice boots
Nice to have these boots, wintertime in the Netherlands means water and cold. My feet stay dry and keep warm in this Sidi boot
Sidi Dragon 5 MTB Shoes Black
Sidi top MTB shoe
Sidi makes the best bake shoes, and I prefer Sidi Dragon för MTB. Highly recommended
Sidi Composite Millenium 3 Replacement Heel
Genuine article.
Genuine product can't fault in any way
Shimano ET5 Shoes Yellow
SHIMANO very good cycling shoes
very good price, quality and shipping time I recommend to everyone
Northwave Rockster Zydeco Gravel Limited Edition Shoes Blue
Unbeatable quality!
We recommend these shoes!
Shimano MW7 GORE-TEX BOA MTB Shoes Black
Still the best
Winter boot on the market, this is my 2nd pair of Shimano MW7 Boots and I personally find them to be the best option when compared to the likes of Northwave and Fizik, lightweight, durable, WATERPROOF, easy Boa and velcro closures all come together to make a complete winter boot.
Sidi Trace MTB Shoes Black Red
Excellent item
Never thought I could afford these shoes as there so costly in the UK but these are a bargain
Sidi Genius 10 Shoes White
sidi are the best shoes for cycling
high quality good fit
Giro Techne Cycling Shoes White Yellow
Great price
My husband loves these shoes!
Shimano MW5 Dryshield MTB Shoes Black
Warm dry feet
Putting the shoes on is a bit of origami with 4 separate closures to negotiate between laces and velcro. Once closed up, they do fit snugly and keep the elements out. No better feeling after a wet ride to step out of your shoes with warm dry feet!

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