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Cyclocross Bikes

Do you want to know more about cyclocross bikes?

Cyclocross bicycles were designed for the practice of this cyclist, born in the mid-twentieth century, which consists of performing a certain number of laps on a circuit with sections of asphalt, roads and meadows, and with a series of obstacles (natural or artificial) that must force the runner to get off the bike to avoid them.

They are similar to road bikes , although with some differences, such as wider and tacked tires to improve traction on land and mud or the use of mountain bike pedals. The bicycle is narrower between axles for better maneuverability and to obtain more nervous reactions. They are also taller than bottom bracket to prevent the bike from hitting with high obstacles. The rear axle pods are also longer and are spaced apart to make room for a larger wheel and prevent the accumulation of mud. The brakes are of the cantilever type, to avoid muddy accumulation on the bridge in muddy terrain.

The cyclocross bicycle is a fast and versatile type of bicycle that tolerates most surfaces, except for an excess of stone or very vertiginous descents. It moves with greater agility and speed for the same places as a mountain bike and with fewer mechanical components. Thanks to its lightness, it also rolls well on asphalt and old dirt roads, even with tacked covers . It can also be used with road wheels and turn it into a road bike.

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