Drink NutriSport SportDrink ISOtonic lemon flavor (24 bottles)

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NutriSport SportDrink ISOtonic lemon flavor is a new concept of isotonic drink since NutriSport has reformulated Sport Drink ISO with the appropriate combination of short chain carbohydrates (glucose and fructose) and long chain carbohydrates (oligosaccharides) to achieve an energy release immediate and sustained optimizing cell rehydration and gastric emptying. Likewise, its osmolality (275 mOsm / kg) improves the absorption of the drink and allows to maintain the osmotic balance (minerals), delaying the appearance of cramps and muscular fatigue.

Flavors: Lemon, Orange, Tropical, Fresh
Presentation: 500 ml bottle

A good hydration is essential so that any athlete can perform to the maximum in their training and competitions. However, the water eliminated through sweating is accompanied by a large amount of minerals that have an essential role in sports performance due to their involvement in the metabolic energy processes and in the mechanism of muscle contraction and relaxation. For this reason, "isotonic" beverages are an essential complement during high or low intensity exercise.

For its splendid formulation, isotonic drinks are suitable both before, during or after exercise as they respond to the needs of the body in these 3 important moments of physical activity.

But not any drink for athletes is "isotonic." This term is used to refer to those beverages that provide a certain amount of sugars and minerals, very similar to the concentrations that can be found in physiological media. The objective of such formulation is to favor a rapid hydration and replacement of minerals.

In addition, the influence of a correct hydration on sports performance is more than proven by what hydration through an isotonic drink will be a fundamental tool to not faint and get the most out of training.

Composition NutriSport SportDrink ISOtónico per 500 ml .:
Sodium 230 mg.
Chloride 165 mg.
Potassium 146 mg.
Magnesium 25 mg.
Calcium 100 mg.
Phosphorus 40 mg.
Reference: NU-2002

Quick Overview

“Combat thirst, fatigue and "shoelaces" with Sport Drink ISOtónico.”

Quick Overview

“Combat thirst, fatigue and "shoelaces" with Sport Drink ISOtónico.”
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