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Do you want to know more about drones?

The drones are designed to fly without a pilot and are controlled, normally, through a remote unit. Still, not everything depends on this radio control, since drones are a tool with autonomy and thanks to their sensors can perform tasks without human intervention.

The most common material used to build the drones is expanded polypropylene. In order to know the scope and the duration of the battery we will have to look more specifically at each model, since there is a wide range of products with different characteristics.

Drones can be classified in several ways:

Classification of the drones according to the surface in which they move :

- Aerial drones. Constructed and designed for the purpose of flying. They are equipped with rotating electric motors and gyroscopes, which give them stability. Aerial drones can also be differentiated by the number of engines they have.

- Terrestrial drones. They circulate on the ground. Instead of propellers and rotors, they are composed of two large wheels.

Classification of the drones according to their type of wing :

- Fixed wing drones. They have an airplane appearance, since they are supported thanks to a wing structure. One of its great advantages is the long duration of the battery, since it can fly for hours.

- Rotating wing drones. they are the drones most used, above all, in professional use. The most common are the multirotor , which have more than one rotating rotor (from 3 to 8). It is precisely thanks to the force generated by the propellers of the rotors that they remain in the air. It should be noted that cameras can be installed and they allow inspection work. Its great disadvantage is the large battery consumption.

- Terrestrial drones. They move on the ground. Instead of propellers and rotating electric motors, they consist of two wheels.

Classification of drones according to use :

- Recreational drones. Its sole purpose is the user's entertainment.

- Drones to capture images and video. They can carry the built-in camera or be prepared with a structure to be able to join the camera with the drone with total security. It is one of the most common uses of drones.

As already mentioned, drones consume their battery very fast. For this reason, it is advisable to take spare batteries in your exits. The drones work with LiPo batteries , which are rechargeable batteries made with lithium ions. There are several factors to consider when choosing a battery, such as its weight, capacity or voltage. Also, not all batteries are for all drones; you have to look for the ones that are compatible with your drone.

The battery voltage gives power to the drone. The higher it is, the more power it will have, but it will also increase its weight.

The size of the battery defines its capacity, and the larger it is, the longer the flight duration will be.

The connectors connect or disconnect the batteries of the devices, but like the battery itself, its compatibility with the drone must be taken into account.

In Deporvillage you will also find accessories for your drone, such as interchangeable propellers and charging points for batteries.

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