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Do you want to know more about dumbbells?

Dumbbells are pieces of equipment used in weight training. They can be used individually or in pairs, one in each hand.

Dumbbells can be made of different materials such as neoprene, enameled steel, chromed steel or rubber coated steel, or have different shapes.

York offers a wide range of dumbbells, including hexagonal dumbbells and Pro-Style dumbbells . All York products have been tested to support high performance, to ensure that the needs of customers are always satisfied and their expectations exceeded. Fitness products have to fulfill the work for which they were designed. Once this point is met, the design can be taken into consideration.

Salter also has a wide range of weights, including Salter enamel weights , Salter chromed weights and Salter vinyl weights .

There are also selectable dumbbells with easy, fast, and firm adjusting weights selection mechanisms. With the selectable dumbbells it is not necessary to acquire several pairs of conventional dumbbells since it replaces the need for 10 pairs of dumbbells.

The PowerBlock selectable dumbbells have a patented selection mechanism for easy, fast, and firm adjustment. The patented PowerBlock system keeps plates in place safely, changes are firm and training is smooth and comfortable.

DKN also has the DKN selectable dumbbells with excellent value for money.

Opinions featured in Dumbbells

O'LIVE Hexagonal Dumbbells 8 kg (pair)
Great quality
Very functional
O'LIVE Hexagonal Dumbbells 6 kg (pair)
Solid set of Dumbells
Perfect for the job.
Finnlo Smartlock Dumbbell 32 kg (pair)
They only shipped 1 dumbbell.
Just received my order, but they only shipped one dumbbell. Awful customer experience. Will probably request a return. Solo he recibido una pesa de el supuesto "par" que se vende. Muy mala experiencia de compra. Solicitaré devolución si no lo solucionan en pocos días.
O'LIVE Hexagonal Dumbbells 6 kg (pair)
Good quality
They are good quality dumbbells
O'LIVE Hexagonal Dumbbell 12.5 kg
One one delivered! Not good
I ordered and paid (a very high price) for a paid and after waiting 2 weeks for delivery only one was delivered. Not happy. Can’t do much with a single dumbbell
O'LIVE Hexagonal Dumbbells 8 kg (pair)
Top quality, excellent
Would highly recommend to others

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