Dynastar Intense 10 Skis + Xpress 11 GW Bindings White Black Women

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The Dynastar Intense 10 skis + Xpress 11 bindings for women are designed for alpine skiing and recommended for advanced women skiers. Powerdrive technology is combined with an Active Air core to offer greater edge control, more vibrancy, more fluid turns, greater comfort and smoothness in all types of snow combined with a lightweight and responsive feel underfoot. Through its characteristics, this model of skis for piste, assures you incredible moments with a great pleasure of sliding.

- Active Air core: low density polyurethane allows a considerable reduction in the weight of the ski
- Full edge sandwich construction: full length vertical edges for optimal grip, precision and balance
- Full sidewall construction for precision and grip when turning
- Powerdrive technology introduces elastomer between the core and the ski, to eliminate ski vibrations and give you more comfort and control in your ride
- Skis recommended for medium to low speeds, short and medium turn radii
- Conditions for maximum track performance
- Rocker on the spatula
- Xpress bindings
- Excellent responsiveness
- Advanced level

- Dimension line (width of the ski) (size 146 cm): 120 - 73 - 104
- Edge profile: Full Sidewall
- Rocker: Tip Rocker
- Full edge sandwich construction
- Core material: Active Air core
- Covering material: TI Insert
- Spatula size 146 to 167: 120 mm
- Skate size 146 to 167: 73 mm
- Tail size 146 to 167: 104 mm
- Turning radius size 146: 11 m
- Turning radius size 153: 12 m
- Turning radius size 160: 13 m
- Turning radius size 167: 15 m
- Ski size 146 cm: 3 kg
- Ski size 153 cm: 3.2 kg
- Ski size 160 cm: 3.4 kg
- Ski size 167 cm: 3.6 kg

- Sintered HD Base
It offers excellent glide for all skiing conditions.

- Active Air core
This new low-density polyurethane composition significantly reduces the weight of the ski (-50g on piste skis in a size of 170). Used alone or in conjunction with wood (Hybrid Core) to maximise lightness and specific product performance, it provides exceptional comfort thanks to its ability to absorb vibrations.

- Powerdrive
It consists of a vertical side wall made of three materials: one part in visco-elastic material that absorbs the irregularities of the ground, a second in Titanal to increase performance and the ABS part of the side wall that always plays its primary role in ensuring ski-snow contact.

- Full Sidewall
With the Full Sidewall construction, full-length vertical edges from tip to tail help maximize grip, accuracy, balance and power.

Tip Rocker
Facilitates flat pivoting while combining smoothness and tolerance in curves. The rocker is moderated so that as soon as the ski is on the edge, the ski works in a curve over the entire length of the edge contact.
Reference: DYN-DRJ01D7

Quick Overview

The Intense 10 paves the way for intense performance with immediate impulse response.

Quick Overview

The Intense 10 paves the way for intense performance with immediate impulse response.
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