Easypix SteriBox SB1 Object Disinfectant White

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The Easypix SteriBox SB1 Object Disinfectant provides a very effective disinfection of smartphones, masks, keys and other small devices in less than 1 minute. When fully charged, the built-in battery performs up to 40 sterilization procedures before recharging is required.

Ultraviolet light is very effective in killing viruses and bacteria. But it should only be used to disinfect objects and surfaces. Under no circumstances should it be used on people, pets or any living organism. The very short wave range of UV light with a wavelength of 280-100 nm is known as 'UV-C' and is highly effective in surface sterilization.

- Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in 1 minute
- Safe and chemical-free disinfection process
- To disinfect masks, smartphones, watches, jewelry, keys and other small everyday objects
- Includes a 350mAh lithium battery (rechargeable)
- Portable, small and light
Reference: EAS-557188

Quick Overview

Perfect for disinfecting your phone, keys, or wallet when you get home.

Quick Overview

Perfect for disinfecting your phone, keys, or wallet when you get home.
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