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Do you want to know more about electric bicycles?

Electric bicycles are simply bicycles like all others but with the addition of an electric motor that helps the cyclist to pedal without having to make so much effort. The energy consumed by the electric motor comes from a small battery that can be charged with a simple charger and home electricity. The autonomy of electric bicycles ranges from 40 to 70 km or so.

Electric bicycles are used mainly in cities, which end up being completely flat in the eyes of the cyclist since no effort has to be made to overcome the slopes. With these bicycles you will save traffic jams in cities and avoid car parking problems.

Another very beneficial advantage of electric bicycles , is the low energy consumption they have and, therefore, the low ecological impact; they do not emit any type of pollution, acoustics or gases.

Most electric bicycles have to be pedaled to activate the electric motor. Once the force is started on the pedals, the engine activates and prevents more force from being applied to move forward.

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