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Electronic scales are body monitors that provide users with a complete reading of their body composition. With the new technologies, electronic scales not only show the general body weight of the user but can also break it down by displaying body fat, body water, bone mass, etc.

Electronic scales calculate the body measurements by electrodes or sensors, located at the base of the electronic device. Each brand and type of scale works with a certain number of electrodes or sensors, through which a low frequency signal is sent. This signal is carried by fluid between the muscle tissue and the fat tissue. In this way, you can accurately calculate the body composition of each of the elements that make up the body mass.

Electronic scales are devices that, together with blood pressure monitors and heart rate monitors, help athletes control their bodies and performance, and help them improve.

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Tanita RD-953 Scale Red
Works fine for me
Works fine for me
Tanita BC-730 Scale Green
Excellent quality
Very good and accurate, it met the requirement i needed
Tanita BC-545N Scale
Great features
It offers great features at great value. Unfortunately, it's tricky to follow the results - not always clear what you are looking at.

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