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Triathlon scales usually meet certain standards to adapt to the needs of a demanding test such as triathlon. In general, triathlon athletes require that an electric scale provide them with information on the following variables:

The weight , indicated in kilograms, and usually differentiating between muscle mass and bone mass.

The calculation of the body mass index (BMI) , which indicates whether or not we are in our ideal weight. Some scales can classify this result in a table by age or sex for a better interpretation of the data.

Body fat , which is the amount of fat in our body. It is an important factor, especially in speed tests.

Basal metabolism or minimum energy value, which is the amount of energy our body needs in the next 24 hours to overcome the different activities and workouts.

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Tanita RD-953 Scale Red
Works fine for me
Works fine for me
Tanita BC-730 Scale Green
Excellent quality
Very good and accurate, it met the requirement i needed
Tanita BC-545N Scale
Great features
It offers great features at great value. Unfortunately, it's tricky to follow the results - not always clear what you are looking at.

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