Energy gel Amix Performance Rock's Gel with caffeine 32 g peach tea (20 units)

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Energy Gel Amix Performance Rock's Gel Free is a combined carbohydrate in the form of gel that combines several types of carbohydrates, such as one of simple molecule (glucose) with one of a little more complex molecule (maltodextrin). The objective of this alloy is simply to provide a quantity of instantaneous energy and to ensure that this energy does not produce insulin peaks and then fall rapidly producing a decrease in energy, that is, sustaining it with a more complex carbohydrate base that provides us with energy. long-lasting.

There are two formats, with caffeine and without caffeine, depending on the objective of the athlete at the time of intake. Caffeine accelerates metabolic processes as well as energy production.

As we can see in the graph, we have achieved a formula that without neglecting the point of instantaneous energy that gives glucose, we obtain a more durable energy quickly, safely and naturally.

Employment Mode:
Take a gel every 30min from 60 to 90min of physical activity depending on the intensity of it.
Reference: IX-8594159537903

Quick Overview

Rock? S Gel gives us energy immediately during intense physical exercise.

Quick Overview

Rock? S Gel gives us energy immediately during intense physical exercise.
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