Etixx Energy Sport Bar 40g Red Fruits (12 Units)

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The Etixx Energy Sport Bars contain carbohydrates for a prolonged energy supply during exercise. With a low content of fat and fibre, making them easy to digest. Can also be used as a carbohydrate-rich snack.

The amount of carbohydrates available for energy is a key factor in determining performance in endurance and intermittent high-intensity exercise. During exercise, carbohydrates can run out, which means it's important to take on extra fuel to maintain performance and avoid fatigue. This ensures that the level of glucose in the blood is maintained during exercise and muscle glycogen is restored. The Etixx Energy Sport Bar contains approximately 29 g of carbohydrates and is suitable for before and/or after exercise. It can be used before exercise to load up on carbohydrates to make sure there's as much muscle glycogen as possible before a competition. Athletes preparing for a long and intense workout must maintain a carbohydrate-rich diet on the days before a competition and Etixx Energy Sport Bar is an excellent snack to include for that purpose. During competitions where muscle glycogen could run out, taking on more carbohydrates during exercise is essential to maintain performance and minimise fatigue. Our carbohydrates supply runs out after approximately 90 minutes of exercise. How much carbohydrate should we take in? 

Exercise <1h: you don't need to consume carbohydrates during exercise
Exercise 1-2h: 30 g carbohydrates for every hour of exercise (1 energy bar)
Exercise 2-3h: 60 g carbohydrates for every hour of exercise (2 energy bars)
Exercise >2.5-3h: up to 90 g carbohydrates for every hour of exercise (up to 3 energy bars)

The Etixx Energy Sport Bar is not just a bar that offers a great source of energy in the form of carbohydrates, but is also really easy to digest thanks to the low fat and fibre content. The Etixx Energy Sport Bar also contains added magnesium that helps with energy production and muscle function. Who can benefit from the Etixx Energy Sport Bar? The Etixx Energy Sport Bar can offer benefits to any athlete who needs carbohydrates to maintain performance during exercise. It's a long-lasting energy supply due to the carbohydrates it includes. It contains complex carbohydrates that break down and digest more slowly which means that energy is released more slowly. They are easy to digest so are perfect for eating during competitions or endurance training as well as marathons, triathlons or cycling. They may also be useful for team sports athletes who want to take on extra carbohydrates at half time. The Etixx Energy Sport Bar is also perfect for athletes who want to increase the amount of carbohydrates in their everyday diet and can also be a good way of supplementing carbohydrate levels on days when athletes are training for many hours.

Usage instructions
Before: 1 bar (like a sandwich) 10 mins before exercise
During: 1 or 2 bars per hour of exercise*
*1 or 2 bars provide 30 g and 60 g of carbohydrates respectively.

Nutritional information:
- Nutritional values per bar (40 g)
- Energy (kcal) 153
- Energy (kJ) 645
- Fat (g) 3.4
- Proteins (g) 1.9
- Carbohydrates (g) 28
- Sugars (g) 15
- Fibre 1.4
- Salt 0.12
- Magnesium (mg) 57 % RI 15
Reference: XX-2890143

Quick Overview

A perfect source of energy for endurance athletes.

Quick Overview

A perfect source of energy for endurance athletes.
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