Etixx Recovery Shake Raspberry Kiwi 50 g (12 Pack)

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Etixx Recovery Shake with fast-absorbing sugars and carbohydrates (maltodextrin) for optimal replacement of muscle glycogen and with high quality protein (whey protein isolate) for fast recovery from muscle damage. Rich in vitamins.

During intense training and competition, the main source of fuel is muscle glycogen which means that during longer sessions these fuel supplies can run out. It's really important that athletes replace these supplies to improve recovery and ensure they are ready for the next session. The Etixx Recovery Shake contains fast-absorbing carbohydrates to start the refuelling process. Not only that, it's also really important for athletes to take in protein after intense sessions. This contributes to muscle recovery and maintaining muscle mass. The Etixx Recovery Shake contains whey protein which is the most complete protein available and contains all essential ingredients like amino acids, which are needed for recovery. The combined consumption of carbohydrates and proteins during recovery has been shown to improve muscle glycogen replenishing. Not only that, it's also important to take on vitamins for after exercise, when the immune system is at its weakest. Etixx Recovery Shake contains a wide range of vitamins to help the athlete with this. Vitamin C also contributes to normal immune function and vitamins B1 and B2 support normal energy production. The Etixx Recovery Shake is practical for carrying and drinking after a training session. It contains about 37 g of carbohydrates and approximately 9 g of protein per drink, an excellent way of starting the recovery process. Who will benefit from the Etixx Recovery Shake? Etixx Recovery Shake has a rich mix of carbohydrates (glucose and fructose), whey proteins and vitamins that provide a quick replacement of energy reserves and optimal muscle recovery. This makes the Etixx Recovery Shake suitable for consuming after long or intense training or competition. We're talking about athletes who do medium length intense physical activity (runners, swimmers, kayakers, rowers, etc.), resistance athletes (marathon runners, triathletes, cyclists, etc.), explosive athletes (like crossfit, weightlifting, throwers, etc.) and team and racket sports athletes (footballers, basketball players, hockey, tennis, etc.) who will benefit from using this recovery drink.

Usage instructions:
- Immediately after low to moderate intensity exercise: dissolve 50 g powder into 50 ml of water / milk / immediately after high intensity exercise of competition: dissolve 100 g of powder (6 tablespoons) into 50 ml of water / milk

- 12 x 50 g sachets

Nutritional values per 50 g:
- Energy (kcal) 184
- Energy (kJ) 782
- Fat (g) 0.49
- Proteins (g) * 8.6
- Carbohydrates (g) ** 35.9
- Sugars (g) 17.2
- Fibre: 1.1
- Salt 0.05
- Creatine (mg) 150

* protein type: whey protein isolate
** type of carbohydrates: maltodextrin, glucose, fructose

Amino acids profile 50 g
- L-valine 0.46
- L-leucine 0.83
- L-isoleucine 0.5
- L-alanine 0.39
- L-arginine 0.16
- L-aspartic acid 0.86
- L-cysteine 0.17
- Glutamic acid L 1.42
- Glycine 0.11
- L-lysine 0.75
- L-histidine 0.13
- L-methionine 0.17
- L-phenylalanine 0.24
- L-proline 0.43
- L-serine 0.36
- L-threonine 0.53
- L-tryptophan 0.11
- L-tyrosine 0.20

Vitamins and minerals:
- Vit. C (mg) 13 % RI 16
- Vit. B1 (mg) 0.22 % RI 20
- Vit. B2 (mg) 0.28 % RI 20
- Vit. B3 (mg) 2.7 % RI 17
- Vit. B6 (mg) 0.54 % RI 39
- Vit. B12 (mu g) 0.39 % RI 16
- Calcium (mg) 136 % RI 17
- Chromium (mcg) 12 % RI 30
- Iron (mg) 2.2 % RI 15
- Manganese (mg) 0.3 % RI 15
- Sodium (mg) 22.6 %
Reference: XX-3090420

Quick Overview

Contains proteins that help muscle recovery after exercise.

Quick Overview

Contains proteins that help muscle recovery after exercise.
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