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Club Triatló Sallent

Deporvillage, official sponsors of Sallent triathlon team. A section of the Club de Natació which aims to revel in the world of triathlon. Their goal is to grow as a club and improve as athletes.

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Team Calella

Deporvillage, official sponsors of Team Calella, the first division triathlon team. Team Calella Triathlon is much more than just swimming, pedalling or running. Team Calella is experience and overcoming new challenges, which are some of the values the team defend and promote in their club.

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Club Natació Minorisa

Deporvillage, official sponsors of Minorisa swimming club. Their goal is to develop a top-level water sports competition team, being recognised as an ethic and sporting reference in their area. Among their values, effort, respect, commitment, discipline and determination to succeed stand out.

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