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When Peter Brockhaus founded the brand F2 in 1979, windsurfing was only 10 years old. The first "sailboards" had their peculiarities. Boards that were heavy and even leaky, rigging that did not convert wind into propulsion, parts that broke. When Peter launched his own new brand in the face of strong international competition, he had a decisive idea: "fun and functionality". Years later F2 is still in the market, if you consider that in 1980 when the company first exhibited its product line in Paris at the "Salon Nautique" there were more than 100 windsurfing brands competing; F2 has come through all these years of fierce competition and changing markets with flying colours. According to a market research study in Germany, the brand is still the most popular name today and will improve its position with fresh capital and a better visibility and dealer network. F2, fun & function is more than a brand, it is a product philosophy.

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