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The TK2 women's socks stand out for their medium-density filling. Mixed with merino wool, these Falke TK2 hiking socks provide maximum comfort and good thermal insulation during light hikes in easy terrain in all weather conditions. Fast moisture transfer and perfect fit give your feet an ideal temperature and superior comfort.

- Regulates humidity
- Cushioning effect
- Faster drying

- 40% polypropylene, 28% acrylic, 22% wool, 9% polyamide, 1% elastane

- Merino Wool:
Merino wool is one of the most appreciated fabrics for its quality and characteristics. Merino wool is obtained mainly from Merino sheep originating in New Zealand. This breed of sheep is found in many corners of the world, however the wool is recovered from the natural sheep of that country. The difference between these Merino sheep and those from the rest of the world is the skin, which is thicker to protect against extreme weather conditions. Due to the fineness of the fibre, Merino wool is much more pleasant on the skin. Sometimes the wide fibre diameter of regular wool irritates dead skin cells, while Merino wool creates the opposite effect. Which is why Merino wool is much less irritating. Wearing Merino wool sportswear guarantees outdoor sports enthusiasts a soft and comfortable skin feel, while at the same time being warm and lightweight, a very important feature for someone who is constantly on the move.
Reference: FAL-16445-3180F

Quick Overview

The merino wool blend provides excellent thermal insulation.

Quick Overview

The merino wool blend provides excellent thermal insulation.
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