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The Finis Agility fins have a convex design that promote a quick grip and a vertical position in the forearm. Incorrect stroke technique will cause the fins to detach due to their strap-free design. There are no straps which makes them easy to put on, removing the inconvenience of broken or uncomfortable parts. The advanced ergonomic design of the Agility fins requires a correct position of the swimmer's palm. The versatility of the fins makes them suitable for the four swimming styles and most hand sizes.

- The fins only stay on if the swimmer maintains a high vertical forearm position
- The ergonomic shape is designed to fit the natural shape of the hand
- The convex design promotes better traction in the water
- The versatile design works for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly
- Removes irritation of broken or uncomfortable straps
- No straps to cut off circulation to the hands and wrists
- Designed with a new floating material
Reference: FIN-1.05.129

Quick Overview

“These Finis paddles are suitable for use in all swimming styles.”

Quick Overview

“These Finis paddles are suitable for use in all swimming styles.”
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