Swimming fins are one of the most recommended accessories for swim training. They allow you to work on your kick, providing resistance to tone and strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, legs and ankles. There are various formats of fins for the practice and perfection of different styles and intensities. The shorter fins are designed to work at a high heart rate with a low physical load. The longer fins, on the other hand, allow greater movement in the water, which results in greater muscular exertion at a lower heart rate as the repetition of the kick is slower than with the short fins.

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Arena Powerfin Pro Fed Flippers gold
Beautiful colour, good fit
Make us enjoy training more
Arena Powerfin Pro Fed Flippers black gold
Good fit and great quality
Perfidy for training
Head Swim Fin Energy Training Fins
Good quality, good fit, that should be enough why do you need 10 characters when I've said enough beats me
Quality is fine, fit very good, very stiff fin, I would have preferred a bit of flex but that could be my fault in choice, hard work for beginner

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