The brand FirstBIKE was founded and developed by Ralf Coerschulte, a German cyclist, father of a family, who in his day set himself the goal of building the best balance bikes for his children, so that he could learn to ride a bike quickly, intuitive and safe.

After several years of tests and trials, he managed to design the first FirstBike children's bikes. Some bikes that today are considered as one of the safest for the physical development of our children.

FirstBike bikes have also proven to be very helpful in improving children's sense of self-esteem, independence and learning ability.

FirstBIKE is the best way to learn to ride a bike. It is a bicycle made with the latest technology, with the option of rear drum brake and many other safety measures, which make it, along with a different and very modern style, the most sensational bicycle of our streets.

FirstBIKE bikes develop a first sense of control and balance with total independence, confidence and happiness; and all without the help of rollers.

FirstBIKE is the best and most cheerful way to learn to ride a bike, and it's really fun.

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