Fitbit is a brand with a passionate team, dedicated to health and physical exercise that creates products that help transform people's lives. Although health can be a very serious issue, Fitbit thinks it does not have to be that way. They believe that people are more likely to achieve their goals if they are motivated and have fun, smile and feel reinforced throughout this process.

In 2007, the founders of Fitbit, Eric and James, found that wireless technologies and sensors had advanced to such an extent that they could bring incredible experiences to the field of physical exercise and health. They embarked on an adventure with the idea of ??creating a portable product capable of transforming our way of moving.

The mission of Fitbit is to reinforce and inspire people to lead a healthier and more active life. They design products and experiences that fit perfectly into their lifestyle so they can achieve their health and fitness goals, whatever they may be.

Users walk 43% more with Fitbit, which translates into better health and fitness, more energy and, above all, a general increase in your well-being.

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