Fixe Pack 4 quickdraws Climbing Orion v2 12 cm red black

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The Express Fixe Climbing Orion v2 tape is made up of a pack of 4 tapes. It is an express tape that does not go unnoticed and has become a modern classic. It is one of the lightest express tapes on the market in its range. Recommended mainly for sport climbing. Wide and ergonomic belt, ideal for working on projects. It has a keylock closure to facilitate the placement of the rope. The Keylock system is an extremely simple and ingenious locking design that solves the problems associated with traditional carabiner design. Any risk of ropes or webbing entangling with the trigger or carabiner body when attached or released is eliminated. Available in various lengths, this is the small 12cm.

- Tape composition: Polyamide
- Carabiner composition: Aluminum
- Size: 12 cm
- Width: 16-25 mm
- Weight: 78.4 g
- Breaking strength: 22 kN
- CEN standard: EN12275 EN566
- UIAA standard: 121; 104

Orion carabiner features:
- Longitudinal resistance of 24 kN
- 8 kN transverse resistance
- Resistance with open gate of 9 kN
- 21mm trigger opening

* This item does not support returns, except if the product is defective.
Reference: FIX-Q81112

Quick Overview

A tape that offers the combination of lightness and resistance.

Quick Overview

A tape that offers the combination of lightness and resistance.
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