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Do you want to know more about polar ski liners?

A very common trick to choose the right clothes for skiing is the famous three layer system. Each layer has a different function to protect the body. This gives greater effectiveness and versatility, since it allows better adaptation to possible changes in temperature or weather conditions.

The polar liners are within the second layers of this system. Its function is to thermally insulate the interior and are a type of clothing that does not shelter, but retains the body heat inside so that we do not get cold. Its fabric is breathable and helps to expel body moisture, another reason why the body is cooled.

How to choose a fleece?

These garments should not be adjusted to let the warm air generated by the body circulate and help us to maintain an optimum temperature.

Some of the characteristics of these layers are:
- Retention of body heat
- Sweat evacuation
- Very small weight and volume
- Water repellency (not waterproof)

In the case of polar linings, it is more convenient to use fiber linings, since they are much lighter and more breathable. Depending on the temperature at which we do the activity, we will choose a type of fiber thickness. Generally, the polar ones are classified in 100, 200 and 300 gr / cm2.

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