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Do you want to know more about the pullbuoys, boards and tires?

Pullbuoys, boards and rubber bands are accessories designed for muscular exercise in and out of the pool. The design of these complements allows to work the different styles and movements with the objective of perfecting the technique within the water.

The pullbuoy is an auxiliary swimming material that serves to improve strength and technique. Generally it is placed between the legs, holding it with the thighs, while swimming with the legs relaxed and pulling with the arms. This allows the hip to stay up and the legs to be placed at the correct angle. It can also be used as if it were a table or it can be placed under the head when practicing back.

The swimming tables are designed to maintain the position in the water while improving the technique. In addition, they allow to perfect the stroke and the kick optimizing the efforts and improving the results.

The gums facilitate the swimmers a training out of the water that stimulates the movements of swimming. Its objective is to exercise the muscles involved in the different styles and thus improve aspects such as speed, resistance, strength and movement efficiency.

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