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Folding Bikes

Do you want to know more about folding bikes?

Folding bikes are the perfect ally for daily commuters, offering great comfort and without polluting. These bicycles have hinges that allow them to be folded up and carried anywhere easily. Most folding bikes have smaller wheels than other bikes, usually 50 centimetres in diameter, or even smaller.

A great advantage of these folding bikes is that since they can folded up to be easily taken on public transport and therefore if you live in a city with lots of hills, you can combine different modes of transport to make your commute more comfortable and effort free.

Folding bikes are usually somewhat more expensive than conventional bikes, as their folding mechanism requires them to have more parts. These bicycles are perfect for cyclists who want to move around the city easily, but they are not fit for cycling in the mountains or on complicated roads, since their joints for folding can be damaged.

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