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Bicycle Frames

Do you want to know more about bicycle frames?

The bicycle frames are the rigid structure in which the majority of bicycle components are fixed, such as the saddle, the handlebar, the wheels or the fork. They consist of three pods, two tubes, the telescope and scissors. It is a basic and central piece for the bicycle, also known as a chassis.

The characteristics of the pictures vary depending on the use of the bicycle, that is why there is a wide variety of them.

The road frames are light and are usually made of aluminum, carbon or titanium. There are different road frames, adapting to the various needs of cyclists and type of training.

- Great background. They are designed for long outings and let you pedal with your back straighter.

- Climbers. Designed for cyclists of different levels. They let pedal with a more stretched position.

- Aero. As their name suggests, they are designed to improve aerodynamics thanks to their wider tubes. They let pedal in a more stretched position than climbing frames.

MTB frames are mainly made of aluminum and carbon. They present some differences:

- Aluminum frames. It is the most common that is manufactured.

- Carbon frames. Lighter and more flexible, characteristics that give them the ability to absorb vibrations.

The cyclo-cross frames are similar to the road frames, although they present some differences. The rear area and the fork legs are wider, which gives more space when incorporating a mudguard.

The boxes to circulate by city or highway are constructed with aluminum, steel, carbon or titanium. They are frames with rigid forks and a fixed pinion system.

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