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The Garmin Enduro 2 is a rugged, powerful and versatile GPS smartwatch for adventures of all kinds in a multitude of conditions and disciplines. Enjoy solar charging that extends GPS battery life to help you get through your next ultra-marathon, plus power-saving precise positioning and built-in maps to help you find your way. Get up to 150 hours of battery life in GPS mode with the solar charging function. SatIQ technology maximises battery life without compromising the positioning accuracy you need. TopoActive maps and the NextFork map guide make it easy to find your way around at all times. The super bright LED torch helps you to monitor your surroundings safely and effectively. Slope-adapted performance metrics help you take your training to the next level.

Box contents:
- Garmin Enduro 2 with black nylon UltraFit strap
- Black silicone watch strap
- Charging/data cable
- Documentation

Enjoy up to 34 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, with an additional 12 days with the solar charging feature, to track your health and fitness uninterrupted, and up to 150 hours in solar-charged GPS mode to track your performance in training and racing.

The rugged, sophisticated and lightweight design features a large 1.4" solar-charged display and a 51 mm housing with sapphire lens. The UltraFit strap offers comfort over long distances, even in extreme conditions.

Traditional button controls work in any environment and are combined with a new touch screen interface for quick access to selections and functions.

The VO2 MAX function in Trail Running analyses and determines the cardiovascular fitness of runners based on the different terrain and trail conditions that can affect performance.

Use ultrarun activity with the rest timer and track time spent at refreshment stations.

This activity profile allows you to view heart rate, altitude, segment times and other metrics when you've started your run. It records the GPS track in this mode, but is not available for viewing, in order to respect the rules of adventure raids. The summary screen even helps you to check the finishing time with the race committee.

- ClimbPro Feature
Use the ClimbPro slope planning feature on downloaded rides to view real-time information about the current and upcoming climbs, including slope, distance and altitude gain data, as well as descents and flats.

PacePro is an innovative feature that helps you keep up at a suitable pace with instructions adapted to the journey's gradient.

Understand how to adjust your pace on different terrains to perform according to your plans.

Based on your running history and general fitness, this feature gives you an estimate of the pace for the distance you want to run. Trend data shows the impact of your training over time.

Be prepared for any environment. When paired with a compatible smartphone, see how your body holds up in different environments thanks to heat and altitude acclimatisation.

See advanced training metrics including running dynamics, VO2 max adapted to heat and altitude, trail running setting, recovery monitoring and much more.

During an ultramarathon activity, the watch automatically tracks time spent at a refreshment point or checkpoint, so you don't have to worry about pausing your run.

Use the pre-installed activity profiles for trail and track running, swimming, running, cycling, hiking, rowing, skiing, golf, surfing, indoor climbing and more.

After each training session, the recovery time lets you know when you'll be able to do another tough session. It even takes into account training intensity and factors such as stress, daily activity and sleep.

Receive daily running and cycling recommendations based on your current load and training status.

Stay informed in the snow. This pre-installed profile allows you to record your skiing and climbing activities. Displays specific ascent or descent metrics.

When paired with the HRM-Pro Plus chest strap (sold separately), the ski power metric helps you measure the actual exercise load of your cross-country training.

Have everything ready to surf. This watch combines with the Surfline Sessions feature to create a video of every wave you surf in front of a Surfline3 camera. This way, you can watch them later and analyse your performance with your Surfline Sessions subscription.

Track the details of each route with mountain biking metrics, plus specialised fluency and difficulty metrics that score the difficulty of the trails and how smoothly you descend, giving you a score to beat next time.

To help you stay on track in low light, the built-in super-bright multiLED torch (twice as bright as the Fenix 7X GPS watch) gives you access to a bright, steady beam of light in red or white.

Auto-select mode uses SatIQ technology to dynamically determine the GPS mode required to maximise battery life without affecting positioning accuracy.

Access to several global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo). It accesses multiple frequencies sent by navigation satellites to improve position accuracy in areas where GNSS signals are reflected, weak or normally do not penetrate.

See the distance to the next trail junction and the name of the next trail.

Check the selected POIs at a glance below. View performance metrics, lap times and distance/altitude, plus a summary of upcoming major trailheads.

Use ABC sensors on your next ride, including an altimeter for altitude data, a barometer to monitor weather changes and a three-axis electronic compass.

Enjoy the slopes with pre-installed SkiView maps and see slope names and difficulty ratings for over 2000 ski resorts worldwide.

TopoActive Maps of Europe and additional maps from around the world allow you to stay on course during your explorations. Thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, you can update and upload maps and software without using a computer.

Optical heart rate technology measures activity intensity as well as heart rate variability to calculate your stress level. It also works underwater without the need for a heart rate strap.

For altitude acclimatization or sleep monitoring, a pulse oximeter2 uses light beams on the wrist to calculate the degree to which your body absorbs oxygen.

Record a two-minute session for key statistics such as heart rate, heart rate variability, pulse oximetry, respiration and stress. It then generates a report with those stats to share via the Garmin Connect app on your compatible smartphone.

Optimize your body's energy reserves with the help of data on heart rate, stress and sleep variability, among others, to know when you are ready to get going or when you need to rest.

Get a complete breakdown of the phases of light, deep and REM sleep. You can see it all in a dedicated widget that includes your sleep score, among other data.

Record how you breathe throughout the day, while sleeping, and during breath control techniques and yoga activities.

It allows you to record your daily fluid intake to remind you to maintain a good level of hydration. If you activate the automatic target, you will be able to see your estimated fluid loss after an activity; the target will be reset accordingly.

Receive emails, text messages, and alerts directly to the watch when linked to a compatible device.

Download songs and playlists from your Spotify, Deezer or Amazon Music accounts (subscription may be required). Use wireless headphones (not included) to listen to music without using your smartphone.

It goes through the checkout without difficulty thanks to the Garmin Pay contactless payment solution, available in partnership with participating providers.

If your watch and phone are paired, you can send a live location message to your contacts manually or, during certain outdoor activities, automatically with the built-in incident detection feature6.

Download custom watch faces, add data fields and get apps and widgets from the Connect IQ store on your compatible smartphone.

Physical and performance specifications:
- Lens Material: Power Sapphire (solar charge and sapphire)
- Bezel and back cover material: Titanium
- Shell material: Fibre-reinforced polymer
- Screen size: 1.4" (280 x 280 pixels), Sunlight Visible, Transflective Pixel Memory (MIP)
- Compatible with QuickFit 26 mm straps (included)
- Strap material: Ultra-lightweight nylon elastic webbing fastening strap
Circumference with sports strap: 110-220 mm
Circumference with silicone strap: 127-210 mm
- Weight: 70 g (with silicone strap), 64 g (casing only)
- Battery type: Internal rechargeable lithium-ion
- Smartwatch battery life: up to 34/46 days with solar charging
- - Battery life Energy-saving clock mode: up to 111/550 days with solar charging function
- GPS battery life: up to 110/150 hours with solar charging
- Battery life All satellite systems: up to 78/96 hours on solar charge
- Battery life All satellite and multi-band systems: up to 68/81 hours with solar charging
- Battery life All satellite and music systems: up to 20 hours
- GPS battery life at maximum battery usage: up to 264/714 hours with solar charging
- Expedition GPS battery life: 77/172 days with solar charging
- Water resistance: 10 ATM
- Connectivity with wireless technologies: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ANT+
- Internal memory: 32GB

Clock Features:
- Time/Date
- GPS Time Sync
- Automatic daylight saving time
- Alarm clock
- Timer
- Stopwatch
- Sunrise/sunset times

Health surveillance:
- Heart rate monitor located on the wrist
- Daily resting heart rate
- Abnormal heart rate alerts
- Breathing rate (24x7)
- Blood oxygen saturation by pulse oximeter (spot check and optional all-day and at-rest acclimatization)
- Age according to your fitness level (on Garmin Connect)
- Body Battery energy monitor
- All-day stress tracking
- Breathing timer for relaxation
- Sleep
- Sleep tracking (sleep score and sleep information)
- Hydration (in Garmin Connect and optional Connect IQ widget)
- Women's health tracking (on Garmin Connect and optional connect IQ widget)
- Health snapshot

- Galileo
- Multi-frequency positioning
- SATIQ Technology
- Wrist-based heart rate monitor - Garmin Elevate
- Barometric altimeter
- Compass
- Gyroscope
- Accelerometer
- Thermometer
- Acclimatization by pulse oximeter

Daily Smart Features:
- Connect IQ: downloadable watch faces, data fields, widgets and apps
- Garmin Connect IQ store on device
- Smart notifications
- Text response/phone call rejection with text (Android device only)
- Calendar
- Smart weather forecast
- Real-time settings sync with Garmin Connect Mobile
- Energy saving: watch with customisable low-power setting
- Smartphone music controls
- Plays music
- Music Storage: up to 2,000 songs
- Find my phone feature
- Find my watch
- Remote control for virb
- iPhone and Android smartphone compatibility
- Linking with the Garmin Golf application
- Compatible with Garmin Connect Mobile
- Garmin Pay

Tracking and security features:
- LiveTrack
- Group Livetrack
- Live sharing
- Accident detection during selected activities
- Support

Touchscreen features:
- Dual coordinate grid

Activity Tracking Features:
- Step counter
- Move bar (displays on device after a period of inactivity, walk for a couple of minutes to reset it)
- Auto goal (learns your activity level and assigns a daily step goal)
- Calories burned
- Floors climbed
- Distance travelled
- Intensity minutes
- TrueUp
- Move IQ
- Garmin Connect Challenges App

Fitness/gym equipment:
- Automatic rep counting
- Gym activity profiles available: strength training, HIIT, cardio, elliptical, stair climbing, floor climbing, indoor rowing, breathing exercises, pilates and yoga
- Strength training sessions
- HIIT workouts:
- Yoga exercises
- Pilates training sessions
- On-screen training animations

Training, Planning and Analysis Features:
- Heart Rate Zones
- Heart Rate Alerts
- Calories by heart rate
- % max HR
- % HRR
- Recovery time
- Auto max HR
- Vfc stress test (with compatible accessory)
- HR broadcast (transmits heart rate data to linked devices via ANT+)
- Respiratory rate during exercise (with compatible accessory)
- GPS speed and distance
- Customizable data pages
- Customisable activity profiles
- Auto Pause
- Interval training
- Advanced workouts
- Downloadable training plans
- Power modes: battery configuration
- Customisable during activities
- Auto Lap
- Manual Lap
- Rest timers
- Configurable lap alerts
- Acclimatization to heat and altitude
- VO2 max (run)
- VO2 max (in trail running)
- Real-time stamina
- Training status
- Training load
- Training intensity focus
- Training Effect (aerobic)
- Training Effect (anaerobic)
- Main benefit (Training Effect category)
- Improved recovery time
- Recommended daily training sessions
- Customisable alerts
- Audio prompts
- Finish time
- Virtual Partner
- Virtual Racer
- Multisport activities in automatic mode
- Multisport activities in manual mode
- Route guidance
- Segments (real-time, garmin)
- Strava features (beacon, real-time segments)
- Return journey feature (running/cycling)
- Routes with popular trendline roads
- Touch or button locking
- Quick access buttons
- Auto screen switching
- Activity history included on the watch
- TrueUp for physiological data

Running Features:
- Running profiles available: running, treadmill running, indoor trail running, outdoor trail running, trail running, virtual running and ultramarathon
- GPS-based distance, time and pace
- Run dynamics (with compatible accessory)
- Oscillation and vertical ratio (with compatible accessory)
- Ground contact time and balance (with compatible accessory)
- Real-time stride length (with compatible accessory)
- Cadence: steps per minute in real time
- Running power (with compatible accessory)
- Grade-adjusted pace
- Performance condition
- Lactate threshold (with compatible accessory)
- PacePro Pacing Strategies
- Run workouts
- Automatic trail ascent
- Race forecast
- Compatible with speed and cadence sensors (with sensor)
- Run/walk/stand detection

Golf functions:
- 42,000 camps around the world
- Distance in yards to d/c/t (distance to the front, centre and back of the green)
- Yardage to layups/doglegs
Measures shot distance
- Digital scorecard
- Personalised goals
- Stat tracking (strokes, putts per round, greens and fairways hit)
- Garmin AutoShot
- Complete vector map
- Courseview automatic updates
- Green View with manual pin position
- Hazards and course targets
- Pinpointer
- PlaysLike Distance
- Touch to measure (touch any point on the screen to know the distance to it)
- Scoring by handicap
- Round timer/odometer
- Compatibility with automatic stick tracking (accessory required)
- Green contours (with Garmin Golf membership)

Outdoor Recreation Features:
- Profiles for outdoor leisure activities: available for hiking, indoor climbing, bouldering, climbing, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, classic cross-country skiing, paddle surfing, rowing, kayaking, surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, snowshoeing, adventure raid, horseback riding, jumpmaster, tennis, pickleball and tactical activities
- Point-to-point navigation
- Bread crumb trail in real time
- Back to start
- TracBack
- Ultratrac mode
- Around me mode
- Further on
- Nextfork navigation
- Elevation profile
- Distance to destination
- Barometric trend indicator
- ClimbPro slope planning function
- Vertical speed
- Total ascent/descent
- Rest timer (ultra run only)
- Predictive Height Graph
- Pre-installed topographic maps
- Pre-installed road and trail maps
- Pre-installed ski resort maps
- Compatible with downloadable cartography
- GPS coordinates
- Sight n' Go
- Calculation of areas: yes (via Connect IQ)
- Hunting and fishing calendar: yes (via Connect IQ)
- Waypoint projected
- Astronomical information: yes (via Connect IQ)
- Xero Locations
- Expedition GPS activity
- Tides (via Connect IQ)

Cycling Features:
- Cycling maps (tracking on roads and paths)
- Cycling profiles available: cycling, road cycling, mountain biking, gravel cycling, commuter cycling, cycle touring, electric cycling, electric mountain biking, indoor cycling, cyclo-cross and triathlon
- Time/distance alerts (triggers an alarm when you reach the goal)
- Trajectories (competition against previous activities)
- MTB Grit & Flow
- Bicycle lap and maximum lap power (with power sensor)
- Compete in activities
- FTP (with compatible accessory)
- Compatible with Vector
- Power meter compatible (displays power data from third-party ANT+ sport power meters)
- Advanced cycling dynamics
- Compatible with Varia Vision
- Compatible with Varia radar
- Compatible with various lights
- Speed and cadence sensor bracket (with sensor)

Swimming Features:
- Available swim profiles: pool swimming, open water swimming, swimming races
- Open water swimming metrics (distance, pace, stroke count/rate, calories)
- Pool swim metrics (lengths, distance, pace, stroke count/rate, calories)
Stroke type detection (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly)
- Exercise Log
- Basic rest time (from 0)
- Rest time with "repetition activated"
- Automatic rest
- Time and distance alerts
- Pace alert: (pool swimming only)
- Start of countdown
- Pool swim workouts
- Critical speed for swimming
- Underwater heart rate monitor located on the wrist
- Heart rate (real time during breaks, interval and session statistics during breaks, and automatic heart rate download after swimming activity)
Reference: GA-010-02754-01

Quick Overview

The Garmin Enduro 2 is a powerful GPS smartwatch for your most demanding adventures in a variety of disciplines and conditions.

Quick Overview

The Garmin Enduro 2 is a powerful GPS smartwatch for your most demanding adventures in a variety of disciplines and conditions.
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