NutriSport Gel + Guarana Exotic (24 Pack)

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NutriSport Gel with Guarana exotic flavor is a concentrate of carbohydrates + branched AA + Guarana + Vitamins with 50 mg. of caffeine presented in Gel of 40 g.

Directions: Take 1 gel every 45 minutes of intense aerobic exercise or at the start of training (maximum 3 gels).

Flavors NutriSport Gel with Guarana: Exotic and Pineapple.

Features NutriSport Gel with Guarana:

Short chain carbohydrates (4.6 g): Nutrisport Gel provides you with the right amount of short chain carbohydrates (Fructose + Dextrose) to ensure immediate energy intake without causing unwanted spikes in blood sugar (and therefore insulin) , responsible for the feared "low".

Long chain carbohydrates (26 g): Nutrisport Gel completes its energy formula with long chain carbohydrates that, thanks to its sustained absorption mechanism, ensure a prolonged energy supply avoiding muscle fatigue.

Guarana (100mg): Guarana extract increases the body's energy levels and improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Thanks to its caffeine content it also has a stimulating effect that delays fatigue in the athlete.

Caffeine (45 mg): Caffeine is a psychoactive substance that acts on the nervous system restoring the "alert levels" of the organism thanks to its stimulating effect. It is scientifically proven its ergogenic power in the athlete stimulating the processes of obtaining energy, increasing lipolysis and increasing resistance to fatigue.

Group B vitamins (15% CDR *): Set of water-soluble vitamins (B1, B2, B3 and B6) essential in the processes of obtaining energy within the body. The practice of exercise implies an increase in activity and, therefore, an increase in the needs of this group of vitamins that are so essential in the performance of the athlete.

BCAAs: Branched Amino Acids (BCAAs) have a high recovery power due to their abundance in the body's muscle tissues. The proportion in which they have been added (2: 1: 1) maximizes the regenerative effect. In addition, in situations of high energy demand, they provide rapid energy allowing the saving of muscle glycogen.
Contains: L-Leucine (80mg), L-Valine (40mg), L-Isoleucine (40mg)

Vitamin E (44% CDR *): Liposoluble vitamin with antioxidant activity. Reacts with free radicals generated during physical activity, preventing the destruction of "good cells" and delaying the aging process. It is considered a cardio-protective and rejuvenating vitamin. Combined with vitamin C, its antioxidant effects are enhanced.

Vitamin C (15% CDR *): Hydrosuluble vitamin that stands out for its antioxidant power and for intervening in the formation of collagen, the main constituent of cartilage and bones. Combined with vitamin E, its antioxidant activity is enhanced.
Reference: NU-5005

Quick Overview

NutriSport Gel with Guarana increases the energy levels of the organism and has a stimulating effect that slows fatigue in the athlete, increasing resistance to fatigue.

Quick Overview

NutriSport Gel with Guarana increases the energy levels of the organism and has a stimulating effect that slows fatigue in the athlete, increasing resistance to fatigue.
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