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Do you want to know more about cycling vests?

Cycling vests are very beneficial for several reasons. First of all, they protect the cyclist from the cold and adverse weather conditions and, secondly, if they have reflective strips they work as an effective safety system.

Reflective cycling vests are very important so that drivers of other vehicles can see the cyclists clearly, avoiding possible accidents. In addition to making the cyclist visible, they also allow to the cyclist to see his/her surroundings better in the dark or on days of low visibility.

One aspect that should be taken into account when choosing a cycling gilet is the fabric. For greater protection, it is recommended that the gilet is made of a waterproof fabric to prevent water and moisture from getting in; is breathable to ensure quick drying of the skin and constant ventilation; and finally, is thermal to maintain optimal body temperature.

Another essential aspect of cycling gilets is the high collar. To keep the wind out and protect the throat, the high collar must have an ergonomic fit and be made of elastic fabric so that it fits well without being uncomfortable.

The cyclist’s size is crucial in choosing the perfect cycling gilet. Selecting the wrong size can make training uncomfortable and the gilet may not be able to perform its basic protection functions. For greater safety, the cycling gilet must be worn with a base layer.

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