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Do you want to know more about running vests?

The running vests are part of the running clothing that we must use in winter or in cold environmental conditions to avoid the entry of wind and maintain an adequate body temperature.

It is important that the running vests are made of waterproof and breathable materials to prevent the entry of water or moisture and ensure rapid drying of the skin. It is recommended that you have ventilation panels to reinforce the breathability of the skin and achieve greater comfort when it comes to running .

Most runners practice their favorite sport early in the morning or during the night, due to weather conditions and time availability. During the first hours of the morning the runner can see without any problem because the sun starts to come out and has some light, but if you decide to opt for the night time this is not possible. The shortage of light makes that the clothes of running must take bands or reflective impressions to increase the visibility. Thus, when choosing a running vest it is important to take into account that it carries these reflective impressions, both to increase the visibility of the runner and for the rest of runners or other people who go the same way as him. You can see him without problems.

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