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Cycling gloves are essential protective clothing in any cyclist's kit. These garments serve to protect the hands and keep them safe at all times.

Cyclists grip the handlebars through the gloves, which serve to dampen vibrations of the bicycle while it is in movement, and reduce the pressure on the hands when holding the handlebars for long periods of time.

As well as being good at preventing hand injuries, gloves are also an important protection against possible falls. When you fall on your bike, the first part of the body to touch the ground are the hands and that is why wearing cycling gloves can prevent minor and more serious injuries.

When choosing gloves, it is essential to look at models that offer a breathable fabric and that have silicone inserts or a thicker fabric in the palm. These silicone inserts are ideal for protecting the hands and providing a better grip when holding the handlebar. It is also important to take into account the kind of cycling that they will be used for, since the same design is not required for road racing as for downhill mountain biking.

The time of year is also important when choosing cycling gloves. There are models that have mesh to aid ventilation, which are very efficient for summer. On the other hand, there are others that combine neoprene and fabrics that are perfect for winter, since they are resistant to the cold and breathable at the same time.

Opinions featured in Cycling Gloves

Santini UCI World Champion 2020 Gloves Light Blue
Cool look gloves
Not tried yet but sure they will be just fine :)
Alpinestars Aspen Pro Lite Gloves White Black Blue Red
Super lightweight, great for summer.
Very high quality, lightweight gloves. Awesome for summer. I actually use them for sim racing so my hands don't sweat on the alcantara wheel. Fit is a little tighter than expected, but not bad.
Team Ineos 2019 Track Mitts Black
Good quality
Looking for gloves to match kit. Good quality
Team Ineos Grenadier 2020 Track Mitts Black
Very good quality
Yes,I feel highly satisfied with the product I purchased.
Gore Wear C3 GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Stretch Mid Gloves Black
Quality product
Worn in damp cold weather and gloves performed well
Mavic Essential Gloves Short Red
Nice, but could use reflective trim.
These cost more than the pair of Briko gloves I also purchased. They're nice enough, but I think I like the Briko's features/styling/fit better. (Haven't really used these yet, so I'm not sure if the padding and durability is better. It might be.)
Briko High Visibility Gloves Red Black Grey
Nice gloves!
I especially like the large reflective design on the back, and the pull-on/pull-off features.
Gloves Sidi Dino 3 Gloves black red
Excellent summer gloves!
The Sidi Dino 3 Gloves in black and red were exactly what I wanted. They are comfortable and the padding is sufficient. I really like them.
Castelli Perfetto Light Rosso Corsa Gloves Black
Very comfortable gloves for morning rides
Excellent quality
Gore Wear C5 Gloves Black
Good quality. Great value.
Good quality. Great value.
POC Essential Road Light Short Gloves Black Grey
Great gloves
Had a pair of these before. Great gloves
Castelli Scalda Pro Windstopper Gloves Black Dark Blue Metallic
Spot on from Castelli
A cool windy change and my hands remained warm and cosy
Castelli Perfetto Light Rosso Corsa Gloves Black
Castelli superb again
Ideal lightweight glove giving excellent protection from cool winds
Castelli Perfetto RoS GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Rosso Corsa Gloves Black Women
Castelli do it again
Spot on glove for the colder weather and proven wind protection
BORA-hansgrohe 2020 Race Team Gloves Black Green
good quality
I will recommend

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