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Outdoor Gloves

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Do you want to know more about outdoor gloves?

Keeping your hands warm in winter can be a big challenge, especially when doing sports or outdoor activities.

In the market there are a variety of gloves and mittens. They should be chosen depending on the outdoor activity that you want to perform, as well as the weather or the season of the year in which we are. We will not use the same glove for skiing as for trekking . For example, mittens are widely used for skiing or mountaineering because they retain better heat in the hands and often have a fleece lining inside.

In addition to the shape, the gloves are differentiated by their texture and technical specifications. Basically, we should look for the same functions as in outdoor clothing, that is, protection against wind, cold and humidity, and that is breathable to keep the hand dry and at a stable temperature. They can also include other features, such as the wrist adjustment system, the cleaning brush on the thumb or the anti-slip reinforcement on the palm and fingers.

How to choose outdoor gloves?

The choice will depend above all on the use:

The waterproof gloves consist of a membrane that offers maximum protection against water. They are usually used for humid or high mountain climates with frequent and / or sudden rainfall. They are made with waterproof fabrics, more or less breathable (they do not let the raindrops pass but if they evacuate the sweat) depending on their quality, because if you sweat a lot, there will always be humidity inside. Generally these membranes are also very resistant to abrasion and tearing. The seams should also be heat sealed, otherwise the water could penetrate between them. If an optimal sweat evaporation is sought, a Gore-Tex is recommended. Its expanded Teflon membrane, completely waterproof and breathable, is made of micropores, which are smaller than water droplets (rain does not seep through them), but are also larger than water vapor molecules. water (sweat), which facilitates rapid evacuation of the body. They are useful for any outdoor activity: mountaineering, trekking, hiking, etc.

The soft shell gloves are made with a mixture of polar and windproof, and their function is to isolate and protect from cold and wind. The idea is to reduce the number of layers, by removing the inner gloves. They are not waterproof, although they are treated to repel water and thus give a certain impermeability. They are ideal for hiking, trekking and mountaineering. If optimal evaporation is sought, better quality membranes, such as Windstopper , can be used to protect us from the cold and wind without sweating excessively.

The thermal gloves are usually tight cut and long fist and be made with fleece or other synthetic or natural fibers, such as merino wool. They can be worn as an inner glove under another soft shell glove.

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