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Do you want to know more about running gloves?

The running gloves are usually made of synthetic materials that offer high levels of thermal protection and against wind and rain. In addition, some brands such as Nike , incorporate specific technologies to facilitate the evacuation of sweat from the hand and thus keep it dry throughout the journey.

As for the characteristics of running shorts, there are many fabrics and formats. Some models are designed to withstand very cold temperatures, either to snow or with high humidity levels. On the other hand, they usually incorporate reflective bands , designed for the runner that goes out at night or with low visibility levels. There are also mitten- type gloves that are easier to place than traditional gloves.

In recent years, with the expansion of mobile phones and touchscreen tablets, gloves with tips made of conductive fiber have been released to handle the screen without having to take off the gloves. They are a good option if you intend to go running with your mobile.

When choosing gloves, it is important to choose a size that fits perfectly with the measurements of the hand. In case of a large size, the grip will be poor, while if it is small, the runner will be uncomfortable and feel more cold.

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