Like in any sport, each item of clothing poses a specific challenge. A tiny factor can make a huge difference. Gore Bike Wear produces garments that help cyclists perform to their best with optimal comfort, using a combination of unique materials, the wisdom of experts and a deep understanding of the specific needs of cyclists. At Gore Bike Wear they are constantly analysing athletes in action and interviewing cyclists to optimise their designs and patterns. During the elaboration phase of the patterns and when selecting the fabrics, they take into account the different climatic zones of the body and its perspiration, as well as the position and shape of the seams of the garment, its ventilation and cooling zones. They carry out the adaptation process with the posture in action, for example, while the model rides the exercise bike, to capture the real form. The GORE-TEX and WINDSTOPPER fabrics, as well as the rest of the technical fabrics, are strategically selected to guarantee the perfect balance between comfort, performance and protection of each product. Their determination to create complete outfits, instead of individual garments, translates into a solution to the challenges of each sport. Once the whole set is available, cycling jersey, cycling shorts, cycling jacket along with accessories, it is tested. And it is tested again. The final result is a complete sports kit that contributes real added value for cyclists.
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