Grivel 360 Screw 16 cm

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The Grivel 360 Screw 16 cm is small and compact when closed, and the handle can be opened for smooth, comfortable placement. The tips are sharpened by hand, tooth by tooth, to make placement the easiest and most effective to date. The handle can be oriented to follow the shape and irregularities of the ice. You'll no longer have to look for a wide and clear place to rotate the cam until it can be completely screwed into a hole. Includes Black Hole Protector, which effectively protects the sharp points of the screw and their delicate tips during transport.

- Weight: 169 g 

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Reference: GV-IS251160

Quick Overview

Ideal for screwing into the ice easily and comfortably.

Quick Overview

Ideal for screwing into the ice easily and comfortably.
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