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Footwear is a fundamental part when it comes to sports. Each sport requires specialised footwear to avoid all types of injuries.

There are many kinds of gym footwear, because not everyone works out in the same or does the same exercises at the gym. This is very important when choosing our shoes. If our main activity is going to be weights and strength training>, leaving aside cardio exercises (treadmill, exercise bike, cross trainer), we will choose more standard sports shoes. However, if we frequently use cardio machines, we should opt for shoes with a more flexible sole.

Gym footwear has to be comfortable and fit properly to the shape of the foot. They have to provide cushioning so as not to damage joints, since in many exercises these are exposed to a lot of pressure. To avoid excessive pressure on your joints, you have to look for shoes that fit your foot shape. Pronation is decisive when choosing gym footwear. Overpronation is when the foot tends to lean inwards and supination is when the foot tends to lean outwards. Athletes should choose their footwear based on this so they are provided with the proper support and cushioning. Neutral pronators only need to worry about choosing the right shoe for the type of sport they take part in.

To reach your goals, it is also very important that you pair your gym footwear with the appropriate gym clothing.

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