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Do you want to know more about fitness socks?

The fitness socks are the first technical footwear that is used for the practice of any sporting activity. They are very important garments to maintain well-being and body balance. The feet are a very delicate part and should always be well protected during physical activity.

In fitness training it is advisable to keep your feet dry at all times. Therefore, fitness socks must be made with breathable fabrics that allow the foot to breathe and absorb moisture. Depending on the type of training that is carried out, the socks may have some or other characteristics. For the practice of yoga activities, for example, it is ideal that the socks are made of cotton, and are designed with the big toe separated from the rest, to improve stability and facilitate movement for different yoga positions.

It is recommended to wear short socks because the lengths can be uncomfortable and annoying. The short fitness socks provide greater comfort when it comes to doing the exercises and fitness programs.

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