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Hamax is a world leading producer and pioneer in children's seats for bicycles and in the sledge market.

The history of the company dates back to 1958, when the company operated under the name of Plast & Form. The name of the company was changed in 1978 to Hamax.

The vision of Hamax is to provide products that promote healthy leisure activities for children and their families.

The company carries out an exhaustive investigation for the creation of innovative products that improve the safety of children in the environment of the road and in track sledges. Hamax also develops product designs through continuous research and development to bring the best products to the market for children. All bicycle seats and sledges and sledges are subject to exhaustive quality tests and are developed and tested to ensure that safety, design and functionality are maintained throughout the entire development process. All Hamax child bike accessories are approved and approved in accordance with European standard EN14344. In addition, their seats and baby carriers are manufactured with recyclable polypropylene, so they are more environmentally friendly products.

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