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Hammer Sport AG is a brand with a history of more than 100 years in the manufacture, sale and distribution of sports equipment that began with the production of tennis rackets and wooden skis. After the Second World War, it became the leading ski manufacturer in Germany using the Erbacher brand that manufactured the world's first plastic skis and was the second company in the world to develop and produce metal skis, after Howard Head . In 1989, Hammer Sport AG developed and introduced a complete range of fitness equipment under the Hammer brand. Today Hammer is one of the leading providers of fitness equipment for the home in Germany. In 1996 he added to his catalog an extensive range of boxing and martial arts products. In 2005 Hammer Sport AG introduced the Finnlo brand, its premium brand that is one of the most innovative in Europe. The great demand for high quality products and innovative design has been decisive in the great success of the Finnlo brand. The success of the Hammer and Finnlo brands is mainly based on the development of high quality products with innovative features, many of them patented by Hammer Sport AG to meet the high standards of the European Union, especially in the German market.

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