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The handlebars are one of the most important parts of a bicycle because, together with the pedals and the saddle, it is the other point of contact of the bicycle with the cyclist's body. Choosing the right handlebars is essential to avoid pain in the hands and arms, and to be able to go on long rides without problems. Although many people do not know it, the arms end up very sore after a long cycle and that's why it's crucial to have good handlebars.

Two main types of handlebars can be highlighted in cycling.

Mountain bike handlebars are one of the most common on all bicycles, including the ones we see in many cities. Currently many of these mountain bikes have front suspension which alongside the handlebars prevent cyclists from suffering hard blows due to uneven terrain. As well as suspension, it is very important to have good bar grips so your hands don’t get damaged due to friction when holding the handlebars.

Road bike handlebars are quite different from mountain bike, since the cyclist usually has a more inclined position on the bicycle. The hands can adopt 4 different positions that will change depending on the slope of the terrain. With these handlebars you can adopt a very aerodynamic posture to get higher speeds on the road and avert gusts of wind. To improve the quality of road handlebars, handlebar tape can be used, which is similar to the grip of the handles of tennis rackets. With these tapes, better grip and comfort can be achieved.

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