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Harbinger is one of the leading brands in the world of fitness since 1988 thanks to the manufacture of gloves and other accessories used in weight lifting exercises. Harbinger has recently introduced two new technologies that bring fitness gloves to a new level of performance. One of these technologies is the Tri-Flex Palm, which provides the hand with a movement in three dimensions imitating its natural gesture, being the best glove to measure. The Tri-Flex Palm is characterized by having three different layers designed to adapt three-dimensionally, providing the optimal ergonomic fit. These layers work together to allow the hand to move comfortably and naturally during workouts, offering excellent feel without losing protection, durability without adding volume, and maximizing control of the training surface. It is the perfect union between comfort and good results. The first layer of the Tri-Flex Palm combines innovative Lycra with tough leather. In the second layer the placement of the materials is reversed by reinforced laminated Lycra at the base of the palm and leather at the top. In this way the two layers can move independently, one on top of the other, adjusting to the hand in training and moving as one. The last layer, made of leather, is designed to adapt and control the training surface when making contact with it. The Tri-Flex Palm offers flexibility, control, adaptability and durability.

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