Running Headphones

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Do you want to know more about headphones?

The headphones are electronic devices that allow the athlete to listen to their music while performing physical activity, in addition to providing basic functions of heart rate monitor, stopwatch and report the calories consumed.

There is a wide variety of headphones , ranging from the most basic, which are only used for music reproduction, to the most sophisticated, which can be used as personal trainers due to its large repertoire of functions. The latter, are very useful for athletes who practice physical activities of less intensity or who are entering the sport, because in the same device can concentrate the functions of the most important and necessary electronic devices to control athletic performance.

In this way, the most complete headphones can perform the functions of heart rate monitor, stopwatch, lap counter, distance traveled, calories consumed and speed reached. This type of devices is characterized by its small size and easy portability. Being such small products do not bother the athlete and make physical activity a more comfortable and fun. Most headphones include sports helmets and a bracelet to place the device on the arm and carry it with you throughout the training.

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